Trek China is a private tour operator that was founded in 1992. Our office is located in Beijing, the capital of China. Our company has got more than then years experience in the organization and accomplishment of travels in China and a team of well experienced, multilingual specialists than care about our clients from all over the world. The main point of our service is the planning, organization and accomplishment of trekking and hikking tours in the scenic landscapes of China’s remote province, also in the province Xinjiang particularly in Kashgar, we offer the adventure and expedition tours. This effort dates back to the very beginning of trekking-tourism in China when we took activity part in the opening of such routes in the remote provinces. Special trekking and travel groups are as well part of our programs as city sightseeing tours such in Beijing in Shanghai and in Xi’an, cruises, silk road, air and overland traveling such in Yunnan and in Guilin. We provide competent permanent local travel guides and camel tent as well as the necessary equipment fitting the purpose of the China tour.


Our programs is versatils and offers everything that will give the traveler a deeper insight into the country and its people from the vastness of the Tibet to the Mutztag Ata and K2 in the far north-west; from the deserts Gobi and Taklamagan to the mountainous regions of Central and South China; from the tropical forests, national parks and tropical islands of the south to the metropolis of the country. Wheter on foot, by bus, by train, by bicycle, by boat or drive by your self, even for individual traveler, – in any case, our excursions will offer the traveler an insight into the everyday life of the Chinese people and will certainly help to get to know and understand them better.


With regard to the planning, organization and accomplishment of a journey in China, whether an expedition or a city tour, we would enjoy to help you with competence and reliability. Have pleasurable journeys in China.


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