Self drive

Self-drive tour has become popular among people who have their own cars nowadays. It originates from the United States. American young people are not willing to be in harness. They pursue independence and freedom. Self-drive tour can meet their needs.Self-drive tour is free, flexible and convenient. You don’t have to carry heavy traveling bags with you. You can get close to the nature and local people. You can go anywhere you like. You can travel as long as you like.




We come to the stage of fulfilling itinerary which requests you to provide following material:


Color pictures of each vehicle (2copies),their models, copy of vehicle identification including number of the vehicle body, serial number of the engine, type of fuel, original number of license plate, country of region it belongs to, color of the body and so on. And remember to tell us the present value of each vehicle.


Information about the tourist to drive in China: Copy of his or her passport,5 photos identical to that on the passport, his or her occupation, copy of the driving license. 


List of logistic supply equipment and their value, such as spare parts of automobiles, camping facilities, communication appliances like GPS system and satellite-transmitted telephones.


Confirmed route, itinerary, entry and departure ports, service items requiring us to enter into the contract. Based on these, we start to apply for and obtain following permits and formality necessary for your proposed tour in China. This process may request 2-3 months.



To apply for a written reply released by related department of Chinese Government to allow automobiles to enter into China and travel permits to ensure the tour legal and operable.


To obtain temporary travel licenses, license plates and pay various fees such as road toll and purchase insurance for automobiles.


To obtain temporary driving licenses and buy insurance for tourists to drive in China. 


To finish all customs formalities for automobiles to pass through the entry ports. 



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